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Costilla County's Beauty. The county also has a few reservoirs: Eastdale Reservoir, Sanchez Reservoir, Smith Reservoir, and Mountain Home Reservoir. All are excellent for fishing and boating. One may catch walleye, pike, and several species of trout, bass, and a few other types of fish.

Hunting Lodge. Costilla County is also home to much wildlife such as deer, elk and antelope, which may often be seen in herds grazing in the fields. Coyotes, bears, bighorn sheep, and mountain lions also make their homes here. Costilla County offers some of the best big game hunting in Colorado.

Auction Format. With our auction style format, it makes it very easy to make a purchase. Simply make a bid on a property and, if your the high bidder, you win the property often for as little as $50! From there it is just a matter of making the monthly payments and the property is yours.

As a family we have continued as a third and fourth generation family selling land. It is because of this long history of acquiring land at reduced costs that we are able to offer this land for sale to our customers at a huge savings.

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